Hannah Soto (Fehrman)

Hannah Soto (Fehrman)

Owner, Executive Producer

Hannah Soto started Grey House Productions with a vision to offer a production services company built on her personal belief in the perfect partnership between logistics and hospitality.

After earning a degree in photography from Columbia College, Hannah worked with an in-house production team in Chicago while also seeking additional opportunities to learn the intricacies of production services. When it came time for the next challenge, it made sense to put her training, her unique perspective, and her natural tendencies to lead and strategize together to create a new company with a new approach.

Even before Hannah was working in the industry, she was learning the value of a job well done. It’s not hard to learn the value of a work ethic growing up on a farm. Taking pleasure in that work ethic? That comes from experiences like learning old family songs while working alongside her grandma. As that family farmland transitioned into a summer camp that served hundreds of campers each year, Hannah was introduced to the idea, and importance, of service and hospitality. These deeply rooted values, working with integrity and intention, seeking out connections and collaborations, met her love for the art and industry of photography, and ultimately in photo and video production and coordination.

Deeply involved in all areas of her industry, Hannah seeks out relationships, connections, mentorships, and leadership opportunities to continue developing the skills essential to the field, now and in the future.